dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Automatic writing

Hi there, what do you think of that ? Well, I mean I'm gonna write some words, I don't know where they'll lead me at the moment, but anyway, let's try !

I did type in "coincidence" and here's what Google gave me. Today is sunny, my neighbour is yelling at something, sayin' "stop fuckin' around ! Do you think you can fool me this way ?!" but I don't know why he says that, it seems he is kind of mad himself. Birds can't help singing the same thing every two seconds, but this is not a problem at all, except that they are probably getting rid of it.
Yes, I do think I have to practise, otherwise I'll forget all I've learnt.
Why is the rabbit next to me licking my sofa ? And d'ya think I can cook a great vegan chocolate cake on trust ?

When I read all those stupid testimonies on as stupid websites I think I get like depressed. So many lost people telling fairy tales on the internet, that makes me think about what our life is made of. I mean, d'ya think we can be chained to all this uninteresting nonsense just because we are on earth ?

Does all that make sense to you ?

I'm not sure you'll provide me any answer, never mind, what is important is to wonder, not to find out any "universal truth", truth is just what you think it is. It's like God, who is He ? He is just the one you want Him to be : someone will tell ya He's an old tall bearded man, someone else will tell ya He's an illusion, I tell ya He's me, you, and all living creatures in the world.
Can you hear that sound ?
Rabbit still licking the sofa, flies still flying around the empty glass I did fill with orange juice, horses probably still wandering along the lake, wind still blowing and mind still thinking. Cat's feet looking like balloons pressing down my kitchen's tiles. Plants growing well, and silence remaining what it's always been. Gold purity.

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