lundi 10 avril 2006

How about chatting ?

Nowadays, i think people tend to lose one of their primary values : respect. Respect can only remain if people communicate together. We live in a society where everything is about to become our own game, nobody cares about other people, they can die underneath your feet, no matter. That's really serious. What is life goin' on about if we, the people, don't even remember how to talk, how to help, how to feel moved, how to care about other people ? I'm not sayin' everybody should love everybody and spend time even with their enemies, no. You can't love everybody. I'm the same. I don't pretend loving everybody or doing good to everybody, but I think I can pretend not doing bad deliberately. And who knows how good you feel when you can say : "I feel concerned about people's pain, even if these people are not my friends". That's what is commonly called compassion. I'm sorry if I've hurt you, whoever you are, if I said something bad about you or stuff, maybe I simply meant it, but if you're hurt, then I cannot do anything. If you're hurt, just try and see why, but don't blame the one who talks. If you're hurt, you should just thank the author of the painful sentence for having told you something right, something that's gonna make you think about it, then change, then grow better.

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